The Houston Area Collaborative Perinatal Program is a joint venture among hospitals and their representative perinatal nurse experts to include managers, educators, clinical nurse specialists, nurse practitioners, and clinicians.


The mission of the Houston Area Collaborative Perinatal Program is to provide a quality comprehensive education program that is affordable and accessible to all members of the perinatal nursing community.


The Houston Area Collaborative Perinatal Program is committed to being the community leader in promoting and improving the quality of health care for women, infants, families, and their communities through nursing education.

To improve and promote consistency of perinatal nursing
staff knowledge by:
supporting the developing knowledge base of
novice perinatal nurses.
promoting the professional growth of the
experienced perinatal nurse.
challenging the perinatal nurse to pursue literature
/ evidence based practice and maintain currency of
knowledge base.
providing an opportunity to obtain continuing
nursing education hours.
providing access to learning resources otherwise
not available.
providing affordable programs that occur at regular
designated intervals.
2. To promote collaboration and networking within the
healthcare community.
3. To reduce institutional and individual costs by combining
resources to provide aspects of both clinical orientation
and continuing nursing education.
1.  Apply concepts of the nursing process to the plan of care for obstetrical clients to ensure optimal maternal fetal outcomes.
2.  Synthesize risk factors and assessment data related to the management of the high-risk obstetrical client to ensure optimal maternal fetal outcomes.
3.  Demonstrate fetal monitoring interpretation skills essential to caring for the maternal/fetal dyad.
4.  Demonstrate neonatal resuscitation skills essential to caring for the newborn.
5.  Integrate elements of cultural and age specific competency into the plan of care for the childbearing family.
6.  Identify the impact of National Patient Safety Goals and National Voluntary Consensus Standards on perinatal nursing care.
7.  Examine psychosocial issues impacting the childbearing family.
8.  Examine strategies for addressing moral, legal and ethical issues in perinatal nursing.

HACPP offerings are designed for both new and experienced nurses working 
in perinatal areas. Most offerings provide Type 1 continuing nursing 
education hours.

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