Care of the Female Post-operative Gyn Patient

  • September 27, 2019
    7:30 am - 4:30 pm

This offering is designed to familiarize novice nurses with postoperative care practices and to give direction in applying these practices in order to provide “same standards of care” in the female postoperative patient. The offering will familiarize nurses with the assessment, interventions and evaluations of common female postoperative conditions, the effects of anesthesia/analgesia on the woman, and towards improving the quality of care to every patient. Topics include: general postoperative care; common gynecologic surgeries and related nursing care; non-OB surgery for obstetric patients; and urogenital surgery and related nursing care.

Location: Classroom 101
This course provides 5.6 CEU’s


7600 Fannin St., Houston, Texas, 77054, United States

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